11 Places to Advertise Your Law Firm Website

WWW...Designing a great website for your law firm is a challenge. See our Blog Post on Top 5 Tips for Website Design.  But once you have your website up and running, you will want to drive traffic to your site.

While we will not get into a discussion here about search engine optimization (SEO), either familiarize yourself with how to integrate SEO into your website or hire someone to help increase your visibility.

You can do a lot on your own to promote your own website. Put it on all your literature, letters, business cards, and advertisements.

Add your website address to every email you send out, both business and personal. We are constantly communicating with people inside our community about social events, children’s activities, and volunteering opportunities, and often the subject of our business does not come up in our conversations.  If you email these groups for any reason, include your website address below your signature line.  Don’t neglect opportunities to gently get your website address out to people.

Places to Advertise Your Law Firm Website

AVVO                                     www.avvo.com

FIND LAW                            www.findlaw.com

LAW GURU                          www.lawguru.com

LAW.NET                              www.law.net

LAW FIRM DIRECTORY   www.lawfirmdirectory.org

LAWYERS                            www.lawyers.com

MARTINDALE                    www.martindale.com

NOLO                                    www.nolo.com

SUPERLAWYERS               www.superlawyers.com

Or check out business sites such as www.manta.com or www.yelp.com. Most of these websites are free but some of them may charge a fee to list.


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