Tips for a law practice blog

law firm blogA law practice blog is an excellent way for a solo practitioner to stand out from the crowd. Clients want to hire an attorney they know, trust, and like. With a law practice blog, or BLAWG, you can introduce yourself, show your personality, and detail your services. However, keeping up a law practice blog may not be for everyone.

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How to handle imposter syndrome as a lawyer

imposter syndromeHave you suffered from imposter syndrome? A good friend of mine was being interviewed for a top-tier law firm. She had her JD/MBA from her Ivy League school and stellar grades to match. However, during her interview she looked down to realize she was wearing 2 different shoes! For a second, she was devastated. How would the partners view her abilities if she couldn’t even match her shoes? The good news is that she didn’t let it throw her, she tucked her feet under her chair, and she got the job.

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7 ways to energize your solo law practice

solo law practice tipsIs your solo law practice stuck in a rut? Are you looking for ways to energize your solo law practice? It is hard to run your own law firm and very easy to get burnt out by all the responsibilities. Here are 7 ideas:

Read a book

Look for books to help with your solo law practice. It may give you new ideas to boost your law practice. Learn from what others have experienced through the highs and lows of practicing law. Read biographies of successful lawyers or entrepreneurs for inspiration of how you can model yourself after them.

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A new year, a new updated plan

Hope January has been productive! We just wanted to encourage you to assess your firm, review your goals and take the time to determine what is working and what is not working. Since we as solos have a goal of freedom and profitability, we wish BOTH for you.

Lawyer Testimonials: What Do Your Clients Think Of You?

lawyer testimonialsYou should know what your clients say about you. Client reviews and feedback help you improve your practice and allows you to be more responsive. Furthermore, any positive or negative reviews influence your future prospects. Lawyer testimonials help shape opinions of you and your law practice. There are 3 easy ways to find out what your clients think:

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