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The new normal in 2020

As many of us are experiencing a new normal, it is a great time to stop and evaluate your business goals, your vision and your 1,5 and 15 year plan. Even within the stress of running an office and practicing law during this unique time, blocking time to think about aligning your personal and business goals is important. If you want to talk with someone to discuss your options, let us know. We wish you well during this forced break and hope you are able to make the best of it. Kelly

10 mobile law practice tips for the lawyer on the go

mobile law practice tipsA mobile law practice is a flexible way to meet with clients, keep overhead costs low, and provide much needed work-life balance. In Florida, we enjoyed a successful mobile law practice of our own which was featured in the Palm Beach Post. In this post, we want to share our mobile law practice tips to help your law firm achieve success.

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10 ways to make your law firm website stand out from the pack

law firm websiteTake an honest look at your law firm website. Most law firm websites look and feel the same…boring. While there are strict rules about advertising, it doesn’t mean your law firm website has to be cookie-cutter.  Use these 10 tips to make your law firm website friendly, accessible, and professional.


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Build your client base: Tips for lawyer speaking engagements

lawyer presentationsLawyer speaking engagements are a powerful way to introduce yourself to potential clients. While this idea may seem terrifying, sharing your expertise and knowledge with others is a great way to market your services. Clients want to hire lawyers that they know, trust, and like. Meeting you and hearing about you and your services will prompt clients to want to hire you.

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Build your law practice with social media

social media for lawyersBack when many of us started the practice of law, social media was an unheard-of concept. Now it is a large force in the marketplace, like it or not, it is here to stay. Social media levels the playing field for client acquisition. The better presence you have on the web, the better you can compete with the larger name firms.

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