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Go Solo For Success provides inspiration, support, and resources for solo law practitioners and entrepreneurs.

The women behind Go Solo For Success, Catherine Hodder, Esq. and Kelly C. Sturmthal, Esq., formed a mobile law practice in Southern Florida which focused on Estate Planning and Business Planning. Their successful practice was highlighted in The Palm Beach Post.

Catherine is an attorney licensed in Pennsylvania and Florida. Her experience ranged from managing financial and legal service companies to becoming General Counsel of a Business and Industrial Development Corporation.

Kelly is an attorney licensed in Florida. Her background was in banking and worked for law firms focusing on Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Commercial Litigation.

While they enjoyed their law practice and working together, Catherine and her family relocated to California. As they knew from experience in running a law practice, you have to be flexible!

Catherine runs the West Coast operations of Go Solo For Success and writes on law practice management and estate planning issues.

Kelly handles the East Coast operations, and continues the mobile law practice concept with her estate planning and business planning law firm and consulting business. More details can be found at www.kellyesq.com

Contact us at kelly@kellyesq.com or info@gosoloforsuccess.com

From their experiences in setting up a mobile law practice, they wrote Law Office on a Laptop, Second Edition: How to Set Up Your Own Successful Law Mobile Law Practice.

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