What to do in the first 8 seconds of your law marketing video

8 secondsNicole Abboud, founder of Abboud Media, shares what you should do in the first 8 seconds of your law marketing video (and in the remaining time) to put together an effective video for your law practice. Her company has great insights of how to use the power of video to build your brand and grow your law practice.



1. Start with the Story of You

Don’t recite your resume and qualifications. Engage your viewer with an interesting story about why you do what you do and how you can help them. Or grab their attention with an interesting statistic or something that they did not know. Then introduce yourself and your background.

2. Follow up with the “Meat” of Your Content.

Talk about what you want to talk about. Are you educating, entertaining, informing?

3. Give a Call to Action.

What do you want your viewers to do? Call you for legal services? Subscribe to your newsletter?


Nicole shares more tips in our next post, the Do’s and Don’ts for Marketing Your Legal Services with Video. You can contact Nicole directly at www.AbboudMedia.com or Nicole@abboudmedia.com.

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