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Build your law practice with social media

social media for lawyersBack when many of us started the practice of law, social media was an unheard-of concept. Now it is a large force in the marketplace, like it or not, it is here to stay. Social media levels the playing field for client acquisition. The better presence you have on the web, the better you can compete with the larger name firms.

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Secrets of Solo Success – Interview with Donivan Flowers, Esq.

donivan flowersWhat does a podcast about life in small law firms, a family run business, foster parenting, and ice cream have in common? Donivan Flowers, Esq. A personal injury lawyer in Tyler, Texas, Donivan Flowers’ podcast, Small Law Podcast, focuses on real life issues that face solo lawyers. He is also dedicated to family. Donivan has many family members, or close to family members, as part of his law firm. And he is active with a local foster parenting organization, even adopting his daughter through the non-profit.

He shares his tips networking, on running a family law firm, and keeping people motivated.

You have a podcast about small and solo law firm practice, aptly named, Small Law Podcast. What do you talk about on the podcast?

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Secrets of Solo Success – Interview with Erin Atkins, Esq.

Erin Atkins, Esq.

Erin Atkins is a self-starter with a successful solo law practice in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Her law firm motto: “a small law firm with big results.”

Graduating with honors from Birmingham School of Law in 2011, Erin launched her practice starting with a home office to keep overhead low and now has an office near the courthouse where she focuses on criminal defense and appellate work.

She is a busy mom and successful lawyer but maintains a sense of humor juggling it all – just check out her tweets.

Erin shares her perspective on how running a solo practice requires patience and persistence but also has a lot of perks in allowing her to set her own work schedule and spend time with her family.

Why did you make the leap to start your own law firm?

I was 4 months pregnant when I took the bar exam and 7 months pregnant when I got the results. I really did not like the idea of working full-time after having my first baby, and I wasn’t confident anyone would want to hire me anyway! After a bad experience at the firm where I interned, I decided I didn’t want to be beholden to anyone and figured I’d just do it myself. I am self-motivated and driven, so I just took the leap! Continue reading “Secrets of Solo Success – Interview with Erin Atkins, Esq.”