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10 ways to make your law firm website stand out from the pack

law firm websiteTake an honest look at your law firm website. Most law firm websites look and feel the same…boring. While there are strict rules about advertising, it doesn’t mean your law firm website has to be cookie-cutter.  Use these 10 tips to make your law firm website friendly, accessible, and professional.


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Build your law practice with social media

social media for lawyersBack when many of us started the practice of law, social media was an unheard-of concept. Now it is a large force in the marketplace, like it or not, it is here to stay. Social media levels the playing field for client acquisition. The better presence you have on the web, the better you can compete with the larger name firms.

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Tips for a law practice blog

law firm blogA law practice blog is an excellent way for a solo practitioner to stand out from the crowd. Clients want to hire an attorney they know, trust, and like. With a law practice blog, or BLAWG, you can introduce yourself, show your personality, and detail your services. However, keeping up a law practice blog may not be for everyone.

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